person using laptop computer and smart phone that have accessibility features for the blind

Welcome to blindaccessibilitytips.com! Our aim here is to promote the independence and improve the quality of life of blind and visually impaired persons through training in information technology. We are highlighting accessibility for the blind and visually impaired.

Want to jump right into the tutorials? Visit our Windows PC page to begin lessons teaching how the blind and visually impaired can use computers.

For quite some time now IT devices have provided assistance in varying ways to the visually impaired; assistance like permitting them to independently complete tasks such as creating document or manipulating the internet via computers to smart devices helping with navigation! Therefore, we have set up our space here to allow blind and visually impaired persons free rein and access at their finger tips, no matter what time of the day or day of the year, to information which can teach them or even just remind them of how to complete certain tasks using their devices.

We start from the basics, learning the keyboard, right up to the more advanced functions like using the internet. If our target audience do not necessarily have the skills to even get here how will they be able to make use of the training? That is where teachers and family members come in. Family members, your visually impaired relative needs your help just for a little while to log on  here. After a while, believe me, they will not need you! Teachers, this is a tool that you could add to your cadre of teaching aids. Just put your visually impaired students on here and let blindaccessibilitytips.com teach for you!

Most of the information on here is freely accessible but it does take time to put learning material together. Want to contribute to our efforts? You can visit our Support page to do so. Additionally, feel free to contact us to give us your views and questions. We are happy to have you!

We are moving into an era where online learning is becoming essential and we are ensuring that the blind and visually impaired are not left out. Keep checking back often because we will be updating training information regularly.

Happy learning!